Visual depiction of Ethereum’s blockchain state

The cryptocurrency industry over the last few years has adopted the phrase “Bitcoin maximalist” to describe Bitcoiners. Its etymology can be traced back to the creator of Ethereum. The phrase is used in the industry predominantly as a pejorative to describe Bitcoiners who reject the claim that other tokens besides…

How to issue your own digital asset in less than a minute on Liquid

tl;dr: Liquid makes it exceptionally easy to issue new assets. Scroll down to skip the tech details to learn how to start issuing assets.

Modern Native Assets

Legacy platforms today rely on smart contract developers handwriting or customizing already written code in order to issue tokens or assets. This has unfortunately resulted in…

I’ve been inspired to write a post about something that occurred recently on Bitcoin Twitter that is important to document. What happened was a clash of Bitcoin values and thing-that-isn’t-Bitcoin values. This is important to document because it shows a few things.

But before I can explain why it was…

old meme is old

How does anyone censor something abstract and intangible; something that can consist of an arrangement of numbers and letters, and can be transported via any medium? What do you do? Ban pen and paper? Phone calls and the spoken word? Smoke signals? Morse code? To what end?

What about the…

No internet? No problem!

tl;dr: A guide to use WiFi to connect your local area with Bitcoin and arbitrary data received with Blockstream Satellite.


Build a Blockstream Satellite Receiver
* Install Ubuntu 18.04
* Install Blockstream Satellite software
* Align the dish to the satellite
Connect WiFi Hardware to Satellite Receiver…

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